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Last Saturday, I met a couple in downtown Ottawa for a wedding at city hall. Our plan was initially to do a little photography around Confederation Park before heading down to Majors Hill Park for some additional photography.

However, I was a little suspicious because I knew that, for the family portraits, little kids were involved. All my years of working with children for family portraits taught me that babies are the ones who set the schedule. They can hold an entire session hostage if they’re in a grumpy mood because they didn’t get their nap.

Knowing this was a real possibility, I dropped by city hall an hour early to work out a contingency plan. The Indian Festival was going on that day, but it was mostly contained and the foot traffic surrounding the government buildings was light. As I toured the grounds, I picked out some ideal locations for family portraits as well as a few good spots for some shots of the bride and groom.

As it turned out, it’s a good thing I did. As a result, this shoot took place almost entirely at city hall. We were given access to the upper level, where the ceremony was held. I grabbed a few shots there before we moved outside for a quick family session and some shots with the bride and groom.

Walking outside, we found the grounds completely overrun with people, who had come from all across the capital region for a Pokemon Go! event. Thankfully, we were able to work around the crowds and got some great images in the process!

Overall, this was a great summer session in Ottawa’s downtown core and my first session shooting almost entirely on the grounds at city hall. All told, it came together nicely.

I’ve posted some of my favourite images in the gallery below. Enjoy, and if you need a wedding photographer, don’t hesitate to get in touch!