our story

Hi there!  I’m Scott, a photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario specializing in wedding and commercial portraiture.  You’ll find out almost everything you ever wanted to know about me on this page, but my story starts out like most good stories:  It involves a girl.

There’s one thing you have to know right up front:  I’m not from around here.  I grew up much farther south, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in the Southeastern United States.  I attended college in my twenties to learn how to write — which I still do in my spare time — but I fell into photography almost by accident.  Shortly after college, I took a job photographing school photos and from there I went on to shoot portraits for a major, national studio.  That job took me all over the American Southeast and taught me the ins and outs of running a business, not just holding a camera.

This is the part where the girl comes in.  I was living in North Carolina when I met my now-wife through an online photography group.  We were both involved in a 365 Photo-a-Day project, and I wanted to talk to her.  But you can’t just approach someone out of the blue like that.  So I devised a photo contest and rigged it (there were other winners, but I made sure she was one of them) so that I could strike up a conversation.  She still tells me it’s silly, but I stand by it!  It got us to where we are today.
We dated for five years, across a thousand-mile distance before we finally worked it out.  In that time, I moved steadily north, saved my money, and finally came up to Canada.  It’s been a long journey and, for me, it’s a chance to grow roots in a new place.  My wife, being a photographer, is a huge inspiration (and help) for a photography business.  You’ll find both of us behind the camera as we make this business grow.  It’s an exciting moment for both of us.
Outside of photography, both of us are avid readers.  I grew up around science fiction and fantasy, myself, and I mostly stick with that.  I’m also well-versed in most mythologies and ancient legends.  About nine months ago, we made the decision to get a dog.  Sock is our Australian Shepherd and best-dog-in-training.  He’s usually with me when I’m running, and he’s a great excuse to get me away from the editing desk and out into the world.

photography & philosophy

For me, photography is an exercise in the precision of a moment.  I like images that are well composed, technically precise, and tell you something about the subject in the frame.  When I’m shooting portraits, I’m looking for that in-between moment where a glimpse of that true personality slips through.  Maybe it’s just for a second, and I want to be ready for it.  This is critical for those once in a lifetime moments because once those moments are gone, they’re gone for good!
I mentioned earlier that I have a background in language.  If my love of books taught me anything, it’s that telling the story matters as much, if not more, than the story itself.  When I’m looking through a lens, I’m looking for a way to tell a story.  That’s the purpose of photography: to tell a story in pictures.  When it’s a wedding, I’m telling a love story.  When it’s a portrait, I’m working to capture the details of a life at a specific point in time.  We like to say that kids are only kids once, but that’s true of the rest of our lives, as well.  We just get so busy living through the moments that we tend to forget about them until it’s too late.
There’s a reason I think like this.  Early on in my photography career, I realized that my mind tied memories to moments.  I can look at a photo I took a decade ago and tell you where I was when I took it.  Not just the place or the time of day.  I can tell you what I was thinking and how I felt about it.  Those images are a fixed place and point in time.  They mean something to me, even when they’re tied to someone or something else.
Photography captures more than just light. 
If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading.  Now you know a little more about me, why I do what I do, and the philosophy that goes into creating my images.  I don’t view photography as a one-man show.  I may have the technical know-how, but every session is a collaboration between myself and my subject.  If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love to take that extra step help you capture those special moments.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.